One stop music video is an online place for all singers, music directors, composers, lyricists, musicians, music arrangers, producers etc. to get music composed using a smart collaborative process flow incorporated in the online application embedded on the website or the apps.

This software comprises a huge database of collected music personnel, who would be enlisted in this system by the system administrative body or the artists, composers or performers would sign-up by themselves to be the part of the application database. The profile of the enlisted persons are planned to be incorporated in the system in detailed information or the records of the career or skill as much as possible. The records, here are thought to be personal info, performance history, album repositories data, awards and achievements etc. of the artists. The smart search capability enables the singers, directors, composers, arrangers, producers, lyricists to initiates to start a systematic process to get the song composed using the collaborative workflow, programmed in the application engine.

Anyone could be the initiator to start the composition process – and in that process flow other relevant persons of choice by the initiator would be requested to join in the workflow directly or the request of the initiator could be submitted to the control panel to get it progressed further. … 

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